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Why Builders, Architects, and Homeowners Are Integrating Smart Lighting Systems


Smart Lighting Creates a Beautiful and Healthy Environment

People were undoubtedly amazed when the first modern light switch was invented in the 1880s. About 75 years later, Lutron, the world leader in lighting control, came out with the first dimmer switch. Today, our lighting transforms throughout the day based on available daylight and all we have to do is sit back and watch.

Smart lighting is one of the up-and-coming markets that is growing exponentially. From 2020 to 2030, the global smart lighting market is expected to quadruple, from about $11 billion to $44 billion. It’s safe to say that there will come a day when future generations need to search the history archives to find out what an "old-fashioned" light switch looked like.

So, what does that mean to builders, architects, and homeowners? It’s time to embrace the technology that's changing how we live our lives daily, helping us use light to create beautiful, healthy environments while saving energy. Let's look at how smart lighting control is transforming homes in Crystal Bay, NV.

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Natural Lighting

Natural lighting, also known as human-centric, is dynamic lighting that changes throughout the day simulating the sun's changing light. According to the EPA, most Americans spend, on average, about 90% of their time indoors. We've come a long way from our ancestors, who spent most of their time foraging and hunting, and it shows.

Today, we’re exposed mainly to artificial light. In many cases, this light is too dim during the day and too strong at night, disrupting our body’s internal time clocks and causing sleep disturbances. Natural lighting mimics daylight. We start the day with bright, energizing light and then end the day in the warm glow of sunset. And all we have to do is sit back and watch as our lights transform around us.    

Decorative Lighting

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we partner with the industry leaders in lighting control and home automation, such as Lutron and Control4. As a Lutron dealer, we’ve watched their company continue to advance smart lighting in ways once unimaginable. Today homeowners, architects, and builders have access to all the colors in the visible light spectrum, amounting to about 16.7 million to choose from.

From pastels to saturated hues, a warm candlelight glow, or a tranquil teal sky blue, you can transform outdoor and indoor lighting to set the mood for any occasion. For those who like to highlight their fine art, architecture, or water features, the perfect color is at their disposal.

Our certified technicians can program lighting scenes through the same interface that controls your motorized shades, audio-video, temperature, and more. For example, an "Entertainment" scene can change the lighting throughout your home and yard to the perfect hue and intensity. One-touch on your tablet, keypad, or smartphone can change your environment.

Energy Savings

A controlled lighting system also saves energy. For example, a halogen bulb dimmed 35% reduces energy usage by 28%. The LED lights used in dynamic lighting use 90% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we collaborate with builders, architects, and homeowners to create homes that incorporate the latest innovations while offering easy-to-use solutions. To learn more about smart lighting control, or to schedule a consultation, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today.

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