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What Does a Professional Home Theater Designer Have to Offer?


Learn what sets Sierra Integrated Systems apart in the world of luxury home theater design

Dedicated home theaters are unlike any other entertainment space. Every element — from the placement of the screen to the arrangement of the seats to the acoustic calibration — is designed and engineered specifically to create the optimal movie-watching environment.

Home theater design that delivers the highest quality entertainment experience requires industry knowledge, design skills, sound engineering skills, and project management expertise that simply aren’t in the wheelhouse of many builders, architects, and homeowners. 

Whether you’re a design-build professional or homeowner commissioning a private theater in Truckee, CA, we recommend leaning on the knowledge and expertise of a professional like Sierra Integrated Systems to ensure that all your expectations are met. Keep reading to learn what we bring to the table for every home theater project.

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Brand Recommendations

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we work with high-quality brands that cover everything you’ll need in a home theater — from flatscreen TVs to projectors, speakers to receivers, and lighting to seating. When you partner with a professional, we’ll help you choose the best technologies for your space based on performance, room layout, aesthetics, and budget.

Room Layout

No two spaces are created equal. Every home theater room requires a custom design to ensure that the equipment, seating, lighting fixtures, artwork, and additional features are optimally placed to deliver the highest-quality cinematic experience. At Sierra Integrated Systems, our expert design team will help you find the right-sized screen, ideal speaker placement, seating layout, light fixture placement, and motorized shading solutions to ensure a truly magical movie-watching experience. We can even recommend finishing features like paint colors and flooring materials to round out a dedicated theater room. 

Hidden Technology

While some homeowners want their home theater technology on display, some desire a cleaner aesthetic that doesn’t clutter up the space with bulky equipment. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we’re experts at designing theaters with hidden technology like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, motorized projection screens, and drop-down TVs. We can even install displays to rise from custom cabinetry or reveal themselves from behind artwork or mirrors. Finally, we’ll help you find the right cabinetry (exposed or hidden) to keep your AV source components neat and organized.


Most theater rooms aren’t equipped right off the bat for cinema-worthy sound. First, the room requires acoustic treatments to absorb or diffuse uncontrolled sound waves that cause echoes, reverberations, and muddy audio in untreated spaces. Next, the speakers need proper placement to ensure they aren’t too close together (which will blend and muddy your sound) or positioned to reflect sounds off the walls and ceiling. Finally, the sound system requires professional calibration to drive the most balanced, intelligible, and accurate sound.

Whew, that’s a lot! But when you partner with Sierra Integrated Systems, you don’t need to worry about any of it. Our techs are trained to design acoustically controlled spaces that deliver the most immersive sound experience possible. 

Long-Term Support

We don’t disappear as soon as the installation is complete. We know that every system occasionally runs into disruptions and requires regular monitoring and maintenance to perform at its best. That’s why Sierra Integrated Systems offers several tiers of service plans to make sure you have support at your fingertips when you need it most.

Sierra Integrated Systems would love to be your HTA certified home theater company. To learn more about our services or start your project, schedule a free consultation by contacting us here or messaging us in the chat box below. Let’s talk!

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