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Why Builders Should Include a Home Theater Setup in New Construction Projects


Get a higher return on your projects with home theater setups

Home theaters have many requirements and details, and the best way to ensure the best results is to include the home theater design in the pre-construction phase. Integrating a home theater into the home’s design ensures that all the necessary features can be added without complicated rework. Plus, the home theater that is planned from the start can also add value to a project, allowing builders to command premium prices. 

If you’re about to start a new construction project, it’s best to include the home theater setup up front. Read on to find out why. 


Increase Property Value

When a home theater installation is already included in the home, it differentiates the property and can bring a higher price. Home theaters are in high demand and can help builders boost their profit margins in the luxury home market.

A More Integrated Theater Space

When the home theater design is already a part of a construction project from the start, you can create a dedicated space that blends well with the architecture and systems of the home, feeling like an extension and not an afterthought. AV and automation pre-wiring, electrical needs, raised floors for tiered seating, HVAC, acoustic treatment, and a myriad of other details are considered from the start for an optimized home theater installation. Automation features like lighting, window treatments, climate, and AV control are all easily accommodated with the right planning. 

Decreased Installation Time

Ideally, an architect can integrate a dedicated home theater space into the plan. Then, bringing in a home theater company early in the process can ensure that the construction project moves forward smoothly without bottlenecks. Not only can this planning save time, but it can also result in reduced constructions costs and a stronger bottom line for the overall project. 


Explore how a home theater can increase the value and desirability of your luxury home projects. Sierra Integrated Systems offers expert home theater design and installation services for discerning clients and homebuilders in Truckee, CA. Call us today at (775) 853-4800 or visit our website to fill out an easy online contact form for more details. We would love to hear from you!

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