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How Lutron Window Treatments Are a Cut Above the Rest


Lutron Window Treatments are the Perfect Blend of Form and Function

As a company, Lutron has been a pioneer in everything related to lighting control. From regular dimmers found at Home Depot to complex lighting control solutions in high-end residential and commercial environments, there's barely a lighting solution Lutron does not have. Over 20 years ago, Lutron added another solution to lighting control – window treatments. 

Window treatments serve both form and function, managing natural light entering the home while also adding beauty and decorative elements. What makes Lutron window treatments a cut above the others? Keep reading below for the reasons.

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Superior Functionality

All cars get you from A to B; how they do it sets some apart. It's the same with Lutron's powered window treatments. Lutron's electric motors are powerful, efficient, and quiet. Battery-powered shades can go years without replacement in normal use, and the wired versions offer the power needed to easily make the heaviest curtains and drapes glide gracefully at the push of a button. The company's proprietary Intelligent Hembar Alignment monitors the speed of motorized shades 500 times/second to keep shades aligned within an imperceptible 1/8 inch while in motion up or down. 

Elevated Style

Even experienced interior designers are surprised by the incredible variety of styles, fabrics, and colors Lutron offers for automated window treatments. And they're all customized. Roller shades are available in a wealth of materials and transparency. You can get classic Roman shades, power tilting wood blinds, and even shades for skylights. There’s a style for almost any window, and they can handle large windows too. From ultra-modern to transitional to traditional styles, there’s a Lutron window treatment available. 

An Integrated Solution

Lutron has always focused on offering a complete solution and one that works well with others. You can purchase a Lutron system that manages lights, shades, and even thermostats through the company's lighting control systems, wall-mounted controls, and apps. But Lutron also integrates well with comprehensive smart home systems like Control4 and Savant, so your window treatments can play a key role in your smart home for comfort, efficiency, and convenience. Whether you want the convenience of a tablet or smartphone app, voice control, stylish custom keypads on the wall, or automated schedules, your Lutron window treatment can respond to any need. 


Lutron window treatments offer virtually every option you could want in style and function for your smart home. Let Sierra Integrated Systems be your custom window treatment partner. Contact us here or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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