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Motorized Shades Effortlessly Manage Daylight and Privacy

An open living area with two people sitting on the couch. Some shades are partially lowered.

Lutron’s Smart Shades Add Beauty, Security, and Enhanced Living

Window coverings play a significant role in our home’s design. They may create a touch of elegance with long, flowing drapes or enhance our home’s modern design with sophisticated, minimalistic roller shades. In addition to adding beauty, they reduce the sun’s direct glare, protect our furnishings, and offer privacy when night falls. We ask a lot of our window treatments.

Motorized shades, however, do much more. These shades wake us in the morning, let in the diffuse light of the sun during the day, and ensure we never miss another sunset. They reduce our energy usage, provide safety and security, and automatically lower when it’s movie night. While it may seem almost too good to be true, motorized shades do this and much more. 

Let’s explore how these shades make life a little easier in Crystal Bay, NV.

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Automated Control

Your motorized shades raise and lower throughout the day based on programmed schedules, temperature sensors, and direct sunlight. Many of our clients appreciate waking up in the morning to shades slowly rising, letting in the sun’s first light. The shades lower as the day progresses, and the sun arcs across the sky, minimizing solar heat gain and protecting fine art and furniture. For those who enjoy the Nevada sunsets, we can program the shades to raise before the sun meets the horizon. Then, as night descends, the shades lower for privacy. And it gets even better.

Reducing Energy Usage

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in lighting control. Their motorized shading systems offer varying programs to help you save energy throughout the year. For example, “Winter Warm” opens the shades on the southern-facing windows, letting the warm sunlight in during the winter months. “Summer Cool” lowers the shades and blocks solar heat gain, reducing air conditioning costs in the summer. 

Letting the diffuse light of the sun into our homes not only adds beauty, it also reduces our use of electric light. You'll find your lights dim and brighten throughout the day in relation to the level of natural light your shades let in. 

One-Touch Control 

In addition to automated technology, motorized shades offer one-touch control on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen. When you'd like some privacy, tap an icon, and your shades lower in perfect alignment throughout your entire home or in just one room. This beautiful look is enhanced by Lutron’s many shading fabrics and styles. Their popular Palladiom line aligns with the growing exposed roller shade trend. They also offer insulating honeycomb shades, roman shades, motorized draperies, and more. 


When you're away, we can program your shades to raise and lower throughout the day and your lights to turn on and off, making your home appear occupied. We’ll install discreet smart sensors in vulnerable entryway areas that turn on specific lights when motion is detected. Being smart, they can detect the difference between a person and an animal.

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we create customized smart homes and solutions unique to every client. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today.

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