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A Whole-Home Standby Generator Installation Ensures Peace of Mind

A large lightning bolt lighting up the sky behind a house.

Keep Your Home Operating Despite Planned Blackouts and Power Outages

As seasons are getting more unpredictable and aging utility infrastructures demonstrate issues with reliability, homeowners are looking for alternative energy sources. An emergency generator is one quick solution that helps keep your home running in the event of a power outage. 

These devices can keep critical systems running for days, whether the outage is due to a planned blackout or a storm. Let’s explore the options and why homeowners in Reno, NV, turn to Sierra Integrated Systems for their generator installation

The Importance of a Home Generator Installation

A home generator resting on a paver slab, which is also on a paver patio.

When the Electricity Goes Out, Your Home Still Has the Power You Need

A home generator system may not be the flashiest technology, but it’s an important addition to any home. While you don’t always know when it’s going to happen, you can still plan for a power outage. Power interruptions could result from severe storms, high winds, an extreme heat wave, or the power company planning a scheduled blackout. However, a generator installation could protect your home in the case of an outage, scheduled or not. 

Generators are more important in times like today when gas prices are skyrocketing. Rolling blackouts are an emergency effort to balance electricity supply and demand during power supply shortages. And as gas prices continue to rise, the likelihood of rolling blackouts increases. 

Keep reading to see how a generator at your home in Crystal Bay, NV, can help you and your family during times of emergency. 

Do You Have a Backup Power Generator for Your Home?


A home generator installation can keep your house up and running during power outages

Power outages are a fact of life. Equipment failures, transmission line damage, wildfires, severe storms, and any other number of factors can result in an unexpected outage at your Truckee, CA, home. Additionally, your power company may schedule rolling blackouts or brownouts due to severe storms or wildfires.

In the event of an outage, is your home prepared to keep critical systems running? Do you have a way to maintain communications to the outside world, keep food and medications cold, and remain comfortable during an outage that could last for days? If the answer is no, we recommend investing in a home generator that will keep important systems and appliances operating in your house.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about purchasing a home generator installation.

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