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Why Crestron Is Our Number One Choice for Home Automation Systems



Today’s homeowners have no lack of options for adding automation and smart technology to their homes. But even as more DIY and professionally installed solutions flood the market, Crestron Electronics has continued to produce some of the most refined, flexible, customizable, and reliable home control systems in the industry.

Crestron was founded in 1971 and is considered the grandfather of home automation. After 50 years, Crestron systems are still best-of-class solutions for distributed AV, lighting and shading control, climate control, and more for homes and estates of all sizes. The release of Crestron Home OS 4 in 2023 opened new opportunities for flexibility and end-user control in Crestron’s product suite. 

As a proud Crestron dealer in the greater Reno, NV and Truckee, CA areas, we recommend Crestron systems to our clients who are interested in bringing home automation to their lifestyle. Keep reading to learn why.     

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What Makes Crestron Home So Special?

A living area with a flat-screen TV, a Crestron touchscreen on the coffee table, and a view of the backyard and pool.

A User-Friendly Interface Makes Managing Your Home Effortless

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we’ve been creating customized smart homes for our many clients in Crystal Bay, NV, and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed partnerships with leading brands in the home automation arena, with one of our favorites being Crestron.

Let’s explore what makes a Crestron Home unique and why they’re the recommended home automation system for many of our clients. 

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5 Commercial AV Solutions Your Modern-Day Boardroom Needs


Host faster and more efficient meetings with the right audio video equipment

The way we work is changing. In 2021, remote work, video conferencing, and collaboration in digital spaces like the cloud have become the norm in workplaces in Reno, NV, and worldwide. Modern-day boardrooms need to have the right meeting room technologies to facilitate collaborative, engaging, productive, and efficient meetings with a hybrid mix of in-person and remote participants.

High-quality commercial AV solutions ensure that you waste less time on tech snafus, system setup, and audio problems during critical business meetings. Keep reading to learn five solutions your boardrooms need to support the future of work.

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Beginner’s Guide to Crestron Home


Bring Your Smart Home Dreams to Fruition with Automation

You won’t find many homes today that aren’t equipped with some sort of smart technology. In fact, smart home devices like door locks, thermostats, and speakers are becoming commonplace household items that improve everyday convenience, comfort, and security.

But the more devices you collect, the harder they become to manage. You’re left with a myriad of apps, disparate user interfaces, and complicated integrations. Shouldn’t a smart home make life easier?

Enter Crestron Home: a luxury home automation system that connects all your devices, puts complete home control at your fingertips, and responds intuitively to your wants and needs. Learn about Crestron Home and the value it can add to your home and lifestyle in Reno, NV and surrounding areas.

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