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Why Crestron Is Our Number One Choice for Home Automation Systems


Crestron systems lead the pack in whole-home solutions, reliability, and customization

Today’s homeowners have no lack of options for adding automation and smart technology to their homes. But even as more DIY and professionally installed solutions flood the market, Crestron Electronics has continued to produce some of the most refined, flexible, customizable, and reliable home control systems in the industry.

Crestron was founded in 1971 and is considered the grandfather of home automation. After 50 years, Crestron systems are still best-of-class solutions for distributed AV, lighting and shading control, climate control, and more for homes and estates of all sizes. The release of Crestron Home OS 3 in 2019 opened new opportunities for flexibility and end-user control in Crestron’s product suite.

As a proud Crestron dealer in the greater Reno, NV and Truckee, CA areas, we recommend Crestron systems to our clients interested in bringing home automation to their lifestyle. Keep reading to learn why.     

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A Complete Home Solution

Crestron operates on a “vertically integrated” model, which means the company owns and controls all aspects of the product offerings, from design to manufacturing to selling. For context, Apple is a well-known organization that benefits from a vertically integrated model. The company designs and manufactures hardware (like iPhones and tablets), creates compatible software, and sells the entire Apple experience in its retail stores. 

Crestron works similarly by making and selling a complete suite of automation products. With a Crestron system, you can have distributed AV, lighting control, shading control, and climate control — all under the Crestron brand.

Why is this superior to other control systems? First, Crestron devices are designed to work seamlessly together in a single ecosystem, ensuring that your smart home operates smoothly. Second, Crestron systems can be built and 100% personalized to your unique home needs. As your Crestron dealer, Sierra Integrated Systems can design custom programming and custom interfaces so that you can interact with your home the way you want.    

More End-User Control

In 2019, Crestron launched the Crestron Home OS 3 operating system, which builds upon Crestron’s automation suite and offers more end-user control over home technologies. With Crestron Home, you can control all your entertainment systems, lights, motorized shades, smart thermostats, security and more using a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, or a custom wall keypad. Create personalized scenes, customize room interfaces, and change the status of any device in your home with a single tap. The Crestron Home app is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to check on your home and make changes no matter where you are in the world.

An Industry-Leading Warranty

Crestron’s five-year warranty covering Crestron-branded electronic components is already the best in the industry. And in October 2020, Crestron made its warranty program even better by announcing new guidelines for speedy replacement of non-working electronics. If your equipment stops working, make one phone call to Crestron and the company will ship you a replacement part within three days. That’s it — no long waits or forms required. Just peace of mind knowing that your smart home will be up and running again as soon as possible.

Partner with the certified Crestron experts at Sierra Integrated Systems to unlock the comforts and conveniences of home automation in your Reno, NV, or Truckee, CA, house. Call us, fill out an online contact form, or start a live chat to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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