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5 Commercial AV Solutions Your Modern-Day Boardroom Needs


Host faster and more efficient meetings with the right audio video equipment

The way we work is changing. In 2021, remote work, video conferencing, and collaboration in digital spaces like the cloud have become the norm in workplaces in Reno, NV, and worldwide. Modern-day boardrooms need to have the right meeting room technologies to facilitate collaborative, engaging, productive, and efficient meetings with a hybrid mix of in-person and remote participants.

High-quality commercial AV solutions ensure that you waste less time on tech snafus, system setup, and audio problems during critical business meetings. Keep reading to learn five solutions your boardrooms need to support the future of work.

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Modern-day boardrooms need one or several displays for video conferencing, screen sharing, and multimedia presentations. Equip your conference rooms with premium 4K UHD displays from leading brands like Sony and Samsung for crisp, detailed image quality that showcases professional presentations in their best light. If your meetings include heavy video conferencing use, we recommend installing more than one display to view call participants and content presentations on separate screens.    

Microphones and Speakers

Good audio is essential in the boardroom, especially if your meetings consist of a mix of in-person and remote participants. Distorted, glitchy, and faded sound causes frustration, lost productivity, and poor meeting perception. Not to mention that poor audio can easily disrupt the process of making major business decisions.

Conference microphones and speakers ensure that all meeting participants can speak and be heard clearly, whether they’re physically in the room or not. Shure is a leading brand for ceiling array and table array conferencing microphones, along with audio processing software and hardware to reduce noise, echo, and distortion during critical business meetings. Pair conference room microphones with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver clear, even sound and a clean aesthetic.


Video conferencing requires your meeting rooms to be equipped with cameras. Consider the following features to find the right camera solution: high-definition (HD) or better resolution, a 180° or 360° degree view to capture everyone in the room (depending on the size of the meeting space), and pan-tilt-zoom for flexible movement to highlight specific room participants when they’re speaking. Incorporating cameras in your boardrooms helps facilitate more natural and engaging communications between in-person and remote meeting participants.

Audio Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is the new “conference call” in modern-day workplaces. With video calls on the rise, now is the time for your business to invest in standardized audio video conferencing software that integrates seamlessly into your conference rooms. All-in-one solutions like Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms include high-quality AV conferencing, calendar integration, wireless content sharing, and digital whiteboarding features to cultivate collaborative and engaging meetings. 

Integrated Room Control

Bring your boardrooms together with integrated room control. Brands like Crestron sell conference room systems that allow you to control the entire room from a single tabletop touchscreen. With the tap of a button, you can power up the room display and sound system, start a presentation, begin a video call, or shut down all electronics at the end of a meeting. Additionally, you can integrate smart lighting, motorized shading, and temperature solutions into your system for easy, one-touch control.

Are you ready to upgrade your Reno, NV, boardrooms with sophisticated and intelligent commercial AV solutions? Then contact Sierra Integrated Systems today by calling us, filling out a contact form, or starting a live chat on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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