Experience Effortless Control of Daylight with Motorized Blinds

A living room with Lutron’s red motorized shades partially drawn.

Draper’s Indoor & Outdoor Shades Offer Comfort, Convenience, and Beauty

Motorized shades offer extreme convenience. Gone are the hanging cords, and in their place is one-touch control. Tap an in-wall keypad, handheld remote, or smartphone app to lower or raise every shade, whether at home or away. Your motorized blinds can also automatically adjust based on the level of sunlight or time of day. 

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we enhance our clients’ daily lives by designing and installing automated systems that make life easier and more enjoyable. One of our clients’ favorite systems is motorized shades, allowing them to manage daylight and privacy effortlessly.

To provide the perfect solution for any home, room, or outdoor area, we partner with industry leaders in home automation. In window coverings, two of those brands are Draper and Lutron. Let’s explore the incredible features Draper, our newest partner, brings to homeowners in Carson City, NV.

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Speaker

Sonance’s outdoor rock speaker.

Fill Your Outdoor Space With the Best Possible Sound

Summer is right around the corner, and with summer comes many outdoor events. From cookouts to pool parties, you might find your Reno, NV, backyard full of family and friends. To enhance the entertainment in your backyard this summer, you may want to consider an outdoor audio system. Outdoor speakers can withstand the elements year-round while filling your space with high-quality music.

But how do you decide on an outdoor sound system? There are so many manufacturers and product lines that can make the decision a bit complicated. Luckily, there are ways to narrow down your options by considering your space and needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best outdoor speakers.

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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music in Every Corner of Your Home

A living room with in-ceiling speakers and a large TV.

Experience the Ultimate in Sound with Whole-House Audio

You wake to the sounds of nature, a running stream, and early morning bird calls. As you make your way to the kitchen for your morning latte, you hear the local newscaster reporting the weather on the TV. Later in the day, you turn on your favorite podcast. When it's time to prepare dinner, your ‘Instrumental Blues’ playlist streams through the kitchen. 

The remarkable thing about this various media is that it all comes from your whole-house audio system. Even better? It’s in the form of high-resolution music, immersing you in the moment and taking your breath away. Let’s explore how these systems are changing the landscape in homes in Truckee, CA.

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3 Ways Ketra Lighting Adds Luxury, Comfort, and Beauty to Your Lifestyle

A luxury kitchen illuminated by three different shades of Ketra lighting.

See your home in a new light with Ketra!

For luxury homeowners, lighting is no longer a tool to merely illuminate their homes in the dark; it is the ultimate element of their interior décor, their go-to wellness technology, and their ideal way to set the mood for a beautiful day ahead. Today’s lighting technology can now provide you with unique experiences in the comfort of your own home. Or at least that’s the way it is when you incorporate Ketra lighting solutions. 

In this blog, we will explore a few ways adding Ketra to your Incline Village, NV, home will bring more luxury, beauty, and convenience to your lifestyle — take a look!

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