Beginner’s Guide to Crestron Home


Bring Your Smart Home Dreams to Fruition with Automation

You won’t find many homes today that aren’t equipped with some sort of smart technology. In fact, smart home devices like door locks, thermostats, and speakers are becoming commonplace household items that improve everyday convenience, comfort, and security.

But the more devices you collect, the harder they become to manage. You’re left with a myriad of apps, disparate user interfaces, and complicated integrations. Shouldn’t a smart home make life easier?

Enter Crestron Home: a luxury home automation system that connects all your devices, puts complete home control at your fingertips, and responds intuitively to your wants and needs. Learn about Crestron Home and the value it can add to your home and lifestyle in Reno, NV and surrounding areas.

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Is Your Home Wi-Fi Ready for Back to School?


Make Sure Everything and Everyone Stays Connected with Whole Home Wi-Fi

What is "whole-home Wi-Fi?" Did we decide to coin yet another term? Yes and no. Whole-home Wi-Fi simply means Wi-Fi that keeps you connected no matter where you roam with your devices at home. Most people’s networks are supposed to cover their entire house, but in reality, the wireless signal tends to be strong in some rooms – or even only parts of rooms – and spottier in others.

What's the downside? With today's ever-increasing connectivity needs, weak wireless signals can mean devices that won't work correctly and slow performance for work and school tasks. Those fun devices like Amazon Echo speakers, connected kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and more compete for wireless bandwidth with more serious endeavors like working and learning from home.

Keep reading below to see how to get your Incline Village, NV home ready for school, work, and everything else in your connected life this fall.

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Stay Connected in the Fast Lane with Pro-Quality Networking Solutions


Robust Connectivity Has Never Been More Critical at Home

In the past year, everything was happening at home – virtually and digitally. Work, school, shopping, and entertainment were all transformed into home activities, with the common thread being connections to the internet to communicate, share, and get things done.

All those activities from home put strains on network connectivity like never before. From work zoom meetings to interactive school e-learning platforms to streaming video – all at the same time – many experienced annoying freezes, dropped calls, and slow responses that hampered getting through the day.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your Reno, NV home connected in the fast lane, and it’s not all about just increasing your internet broadband speed. Keep reading below to see how commercial quality networking solutions can deliver the robust connectivity you need, all day, every day.

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Why Choose Hidden Speakers for Your Whole-Home Music System?


Enjoy High-Quality Audio That Keeps Eyes on Your Interior Design

Some music enthusiasts find joy in the sound and look of a high-quality audio system. They want beautifully finished loudspeakers, unique turntables, and other components that make a statement and add to their listening experience. Others would rather have the sound without the invasion of gear.

If you’re interested in a whole-home music system but want to preserve your interior design, you’ll love architectural speakers that install within walls and ceilings so that they disappear within your Truckee, CA home while delivering beautiful sound anywhere you want it.

You don’t have to sacrifice great audio or your interior design to enjoy whole-home music. Learn more about the advantages of hidden speakers and the brands we love by reading more below.

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