Why Builders, Architects, and Homeowners Are Integrating Smart Lighting Systems


Smart Lighting Creates a Beautiful and Healthy Environment

People were undoubtedly amazed when the first modern light switch was invented in the 1880s. About 75 years later, Lutron, the world leader in lighting control, came out with the first dimmer switch. Today, our lighting transforms throughout the day based on available daylight and all we have to do is sit back and watch.

Smart lighting is one of the up-and-coming markets that is growing exponentially. From 2020 to 2030, the global smart lighting market is expected to quadruple, from about $11 billion to $44 billion. It’s safe to say that there will come a day when future generations need to search the history archives to find out what an "old-fashioned" light switch looked like.

So, what does that mean to builders, architects, and homeowners? It’s time to embrace the technology that's changing how we live our lives daily, helping us use light to create beautiful, healthy environments while saving energy. Let's look at how smart lighting control is transforming homes in Crystal Bay, NV.

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What Does a Professional Home Theater Designer Have to Offer?


Learn what sets Sierra Integrated Systems apart in the world of luxury home theater design

Dedicated home theaters are unlike any other entertainment space. Every element — from the placement of the screen to the arrangement of the seats to the acoustic calibration — is designed and engineered specifically to create the optimal movie-watching environment.

Home theater design that delivers the highest quality entertainment experience requires industry knowledge, design skills, sound engineering skills, and project management expertise that simply aren’t in the wheelhouse of many builders, architects, and homeowners. 

Whether you’re a design-build professional or homeowner commissioning a private theater in Truckee, CA, we recommend leaning on the knowledge and expertise of a professional like Sierra Integrated Systems to ensure that all your expectations are met. Keep reading to learn what we bring to the table for every home theater project.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Control4 Home Automation


See for yourself what Control4 brings to your home and lifestyle through intuitive technology

Home automation systems that allow you to control your house through connected smart devices and automated actions are a popular addition to homes in Crystal Bay, NV, and across the U.S. If you’ve been considering bringing home automation into your household, you may see the same three names pop up again and again: Crestron, Savant, and Control4.

The brands listed above are the three biggest players in the automation system industry. Of the three, Control4 is the most popular and well-known due to its user-friendly interfaces and ability to work with thousands of smart devices you may already use in your house.

Home automation integration with Control4 can bring more comfort, convenience, and luxury to your lifestyle. Keep reading to get an overview of Control4 and what the system can do.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Lighting Design Early in Your Project


Include Lighting Design Early in the Process for the Best Results for Your Clients

Even though lights are the first thing we notice when walking into a room, many underestimate the power of lighting design. It’s not only a crucial part of any building project, but timing is also of the essence because it needs to be considered and planned for from the very beginning.

Neglecting lighting design during your Reno, NV project or not addressing it during its early stages is a guaranteed and unnecessary headache. Your best bet is always to partner with a lighting designer and have them work closely with architects, electricians, and builders from the start. This collaboration will inevitably lead to a hiccup-free project with amazing results.

Read on and set your project up for success!

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