Why Pick Sierra Integrated Systems as Your Home Theater Company?


Our Home Theater Installation Experts Can Bring Your Vision to Life

Thanks to advancements in home AV technology and the rise of on-demand video streaming, custom home theater installations are more popular than ever. Families today can bring the immersive cinema experience to their homes and avoid travel, long lines, and crowds.

If you’re interested in adding an epic movie room to your Incline Village, NV home, you may be wondering: Where can I find a professional home theater installation company near me? Look no further than Sierra Integrated Systems! We’d love to help bring your entertainment dreams to life.

Below, learn what sets our experts apart and envision the possibilities for your luxury home theater.

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Think Motorized Shades Have Few Style Options? Discover Lutron


There’s a Lutron Powered Shade for Almost Any Window

When most people think of motorized shades, they likely think of the popular roller styles. While those are the most oft-used motorized style, you might not know that many more types are available. In fact, the word "shade" may be a bit of a misnomer, as motorized window treatments encompass a variety of styles.

As a designer or builder, you likely know the name Lutron. Lutron's mission is all about managing light, artificial or natural, from simple electric dimmers (the company's invention) to sophisticated lighting control for high-end homes and businesses. In shading, Lutron offers a vast array of powered window treatments – eight different styles. From bay windows to skylights, there's likely to be a Lutron shading style you can use for your luxury home projects in Truckee, CA.  Read on to learn more about them.

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Beginner’s Guide to Crestron Home


Bring Your Smart Home Dreams to Fruition with Automation

You won’t find many homes today that aren’t equipped with some sort of smart technology. In fact, smart home devices like door locks, thermostats, and speakers are becoming commonplace household items that improve everyday convenience, comfort, and security.

But the more devices you collect, the harder they become to manage. You’re left with a myriad of apps, disparate user interfaces, and complicated integrations. Shouldn’t a smart home make life easier?

Enter Crestron Home: a luxury home automation system that connects all your devices, puts complete home control at your fingertips, and responds intuitively to your wants and needs. Learn about Crestron Home and the value it can add to your home and lifestyle in Reno, NV and surrounding areas.

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Is Your Home Wi-Fi Ready for Back to School?


Make Sure Everything and Everyone Stays Connected with Whole Home Wi-Fi

What is "whole-home Wi-Fi?" Did we decide to coin yet another term? Yes and no. Whole-home Wi-Fi simply means Wi-Fi that keeps you connected no matter where you roam with your devices at home. Most people’s networks are supposed to cover their entire house, but in reality, the wireless signal tends to be strong in some rooms – or even only parts of rooms – and spottier in others.

What's the downside? With today's ever-increasing connectivity needs, weak wireless signals can mean devices that won't work correctly and slow performance for work and school tasks. Those fun devices like Amazon Echo speakers, connected kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and more compete for wireless bandwidth with more serious endeavors like working and learning from home.

Keep reading below to see how to get your Incline Village, NV home ready for school, work, and everything else in your connected life this fall.

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Stay Connected in the Fast Lane with Pro-Quality Networking Solutions


Robust Connectivity Has Never Been More Critical at Home

In the past year, everything was happening at home – virtually and digitally. Work, school, shopping, and entertainment were all transformed into home activities, with the common thread being connections to the internet to communicate, share, and get things done.

All those activities from home put strains on network connectivity like never before. From work zoom meetings to interactive school e-learning platforms to streaming video – all at the same time – many experienced annoying freezes, dropped calls, and slow responses that hampered getting through the day.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your Reno, NV home connected in the fast lane, and it’s not all about just increasing your internet broadband speed. Keep reading below to see how commercial quality networking solutions can deliver the robust connectivity you need, all day, every day.

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Why Choose Hidden Speakers for Your Whole-Home Music System?


Enjoy High-Quality Audio That Keeps Eyes on Your Interior Design

Some music enthusiasts find joy in the sound and look of a high-quality audio system. They want beautifully finished loudspeakers, unique turntables, and other components that make a statement and add to their listening experience. Others would rather have the sound without the invasion of gear.

If you’re interested in a whole-home music system but want to preserve your interior design, you’ll love architectural speakers that install within walls and ceilings so that they disappear within your Truckee, CA home while delivering beautiful sound anywhere you want it.

You don’t have to sacrifice great audio or your interior design to enjoy whole-home music. Learn more about the advantages of hidden speakers and the brands we love by reading more below.

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Bring Home the Magic of Movies with a Custom Home Theater


Our Team Can Design the Perfect Private Theater Environment for You

There’s something magical about the movie theater experience. The vivid life-size picture, immersive soundscape, and dark environment take you away from reality and transport you into worlds on film. You connect with cultures and characters. You laugh and cry with them. You become part of the story.

The same experience awaits you at home with your own custom home theater. Bring home the magic of movies without the hassle of travel or crowds. Plus, your theater can reflect who you are and what you love. Featuring the best in audiovisuals, dynamic lighting, luxury seating, and room control, your private cinema can curate an experience that exceeds your local cineplex in Crystal Bay, NV.

Envision your dream home theater by exploring the key elements that create the perfect movie-watching environment below.

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Take the Entertainment Outdoors with Your Favorite Music and Shows


Stay Outside Longer This Summer with Audio and Video Entertainment

Spring is here in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and it's glorious. Warmer temperatures and perpetually sunny skies beckon us to spend more time outdoors and enjoy all that Reno offers with beautiful desert skies and mountain geography.

At home, it’s a great time to spruce up the landscape for spring and get the patios and outdoor kitchens ready for the warmer season. But if you really want to make the most of your home outside, we heartily recommend adding outdoor entertainment amenities like audio, TV, and lighting. Keep reading for three ways to add to your outdoor fun at home.

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Enjoy More Time in the Backyard with an Outdoor Sound System


Music Enhances Every Activity in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

You can’t beat the spring and summer seasons in Truckee and the greater Nevada Area. As we approach warmer weather, now is the time to prep your backyard for all your anticipated activities in the sun.

Whether you’re looking forward to firing up the outdoor kitchen or making s’mores with family, don’t forget the most crucial ingredient to any activity: music. An outdoor sound system can transform your backyard into the ultimate staycation destination. Soak up the sun while listening to your favorite pop playlist or enjoy smooth jazz while you watch the sunset.

Ready to spice up your backyard with music? Keep reading to learn the key advantages of investing in an outdoor sound system just in time for summer.

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Love the Idea of Motorized Shades for a New Home?


Start Working Early with a Lutron Shades Dealer for the Best Results

Are you remodeling or building a new house? If you already know you want motorized shades, congratulations. You’re making an investment that pays dividends in convenience, luxury, energy savings, and privacy. So, what do you do next?

The next choice is what kind of motorized shades or window treatments you want. As a premier Lutron shades dealer in Reno, NV, we recommend Lutron shades for various reasons. Lutron is an industry leader in lighting control, and its extensive shading offerings complement the company's mission of harnessing and controlling light, whether natural or artificial. If you are considering motorized shades, it’s critical to involve an expert integrator early in the process. Why? Find out below.

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No one looks forward to receiving their electricity bill, and actually opening it can be an anxiety-inducing monthly ritual. But energy bills don’t have to be your enemies; there are ways to get them under control, plus manage your home’s energy efficiency and even help out the Earth with just a few tweaks to your lighting habits.

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Have you ever wanted to install a smart automation system in your home so you can effortlessly power up your home theater system or control lighting scenes in your dining area, kitchen or backyard? If so, it may be good to know that automation systems can not only increase your enjoyment today, but also enhance the value of your home tomorrow. In this short guide, we give you our top tips for increasing the value of your home with home technology systems, while creating a more convenient, more entertaining and more secure environment for your family.

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These days, personal fitness and technology go hand in hand. Technology is helping people not only lose weight and stay healthy, but is increasingly moving in the direction of sports and athletics for both professionals and amateurs. And while wearable fitness trackers are currently the rage, in 2017 there will be a shift from focusing on just fitness to overall healthcare. Look for technology like wearable smart phone-controlled hearing assistance and smart bands that double as blood pressure monitors. Also look for less obtrusive ‘invisible’ wearables that are better integrated into everyday items like a keychain or an item of clothing.


Best practices for outdoor A/V remains largely unchanged with the exception of a few fun trends. Here are 18 tips and tricks for getting your space ready, not to mention creating an out-of-this-house A/V experience:

outdoor video

1. Wireless audio is your new BFF. While we always prefer a hardwired connection for audio quality, wireless home audio systems are great for getting music outside, without a lot of planning or structural wiring.

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We’re in the dog days of summer, and the temperature isn’t the only thing rising. Blasting the AC may keep your home cool, but it can take a toll on your energy bill. What if you could take total control of your utility usage and eliminate energy-wasting habits from your lifestyle? It turns out you can. With the help of environmental controls and smart thermostats, you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency, and do your wallet-and the earth- a favor.

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The Right Lighting Can Affect Your Sleep and Health for the Better

Ten hours. On average, that’s how long we spend looking at screens every day. This means for 10 hours a day we expose our eyes to blue light. Not only are you getting artificial blue light from your screens, but you also get blue light from energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights in your home or building that are used in lamps and light fixtures. Studies have shown that lighting in your home can affect your mood, energy, metabolism and your sleep.

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The holidays are upon us and we would love to spread some cheer! We are a dedicated Toys for Tots drop off spot this year and need YOUR help! We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys through Friday, December 18th from 8AM-4PM. Please take some time to stop by and drop off a toy…it has the power to change a child’s holiday experience!

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The New Year has arrived and you’ve had some time to settle in and review that list of goals and get your plan in action. With that said, there is no better time to refresh and update your home. With this New Year comes a desire for change, a fresh start, and maybe even reinventing yourself OR your home. We have put together a list of the top 5 ways you can update your house and add new technology for 2014.

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Well gentleman, it’s that time of year again. The time to break out of that rut, spruce up a bit, and turn on the romance! If you’ve been with your girlfriend or wife long enough, it’s probably safe to say you are fresh out of ideas for a valentines gift. Of course chocolate, flowers, perfume, and jewelry are the traditional go to items that will always make her smile, but what if you surprised her with something that will drastically improve her lifestyle? We’ve put together a list of gifts to make any woman happy this Valentines Day.

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Ladies, you didn’t think we were going to forget about you did you? We helped the men out with our most recent blog “Valentines Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything”, but now it’s time to give you some pointers about the special man in your life. Valentines is just a few days away, and maybe you’re looking to step up your game with a gift that will “WOW” him. We’ve put together a list of 5 fresh manly gifts that will make his day!
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