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The Importance of a Home Generator Installation

A home generator resting on a paver slab, which is also on a paver patio.

When the Electricity Goes Out, Your Home Still Has the Power You Need

A home generator system may not be the flashiest technology, but it’s an important addition to any home. While you don’t always know when it’s going to happen, you can still plan for a power outage. Power interruptions could result from severe storms, high winds, an extreme heat wave, or the power company planning a scheduled blackout. However, a generator installation could protect your home in the case of an outage, scheduled or not. 

Generators are more important in times like today when gas prices are skyrocketing. Rolling blackouts are an emergency effort to balance electricity supply and demand during power supply shortages. And as gas prices continue to rise, the likelihood of rolling blackouts increases. 

Keep reading to see how a generator at your home in Crystal Bay, NV, can help you and your family during times of emergency. 

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Power the Essentials

In the case of a power outage, you could probably go a day or two without devices like your TV and certain small kitchen appliances. However, losing power to your heating and cooling system, refrigerator, internet, security system, or medical equipment can cause financial, mental, and physical harm. These essential devices are called critical loads, whereas the non-essential are non-critical loads. 

A critical load standby system is a generator system that, upon losing power, will only keep your necessary appliances running. These systems are smaller and less expensive than whole home generators, but they require extensive wiring that can take a lot of time and labor. Fortunately, Sierra Integrated Systems can set up a system that is dependable and perfect for your needs. 

Keep Your Family Safe and Comfortable

Losing electricity isn’t just inconvenient. Sometimes, it can be dangerous, and during an emergency, your focus will be on keeping yourself and your family safe. A generator system installed as a backup keeps all essential equipment running. As a result, you’ll be able to give your family food, contact emergency services if needed, and keep your house from getting dangerously hot or cold.

If you lose power for a few hours, it may not be too severe. But in recent years, we’ve seen places lose power for days due to extreme weather. The ongoing energy crisis increases the possibility of a blackout. Hopefully, Crystal Bay, NV’s power grid will stay protected, but it’s best to prepare in case of emergency. 

A home generator system can provide more than just power for critical loads. For instance, if you want to go beyond powering your home’s essential loads, a whole-home standby system keeps your entire house up and running. This helps your family stay calm, comfortable, and entertained at home if a power outage hits your neighborhood.


Contact Sierra Integrated Systems to get started on your home generator installation. We’ll help you pick the best generator system for your home and budget as well as provide comprehensive installation and setup. You can reach us by calling 775-853-4800 or filling out this form.

We look forward to helping you!

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