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A couple sits on a stone porch watching an outdoor entertainment television with the sun setting in the background.

Revive and Enhance the Backyard Experience with An Environment Professionally Designed for You

Your smart home provides many comforts, from on-demand media to a perfectly calibrated temperature and humidity environment. While it is enticing to remain ensconced within your house, the great pleasure of connecting with the outdoors is an essential part of luxury living. 

As a leader in style, design, and the enjoyment of living well, Martha Stewart appears to agree, saying, "I'm very inspired by nature— you could say Mother Nature. I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily."

Whether relaxing with a soak in the jacuzzi, getting in your daily laps at the pool, or connecting with family and friends on the patio, an outdoor entertainment system motivates, inspires, and lifts everyone's spirits. 

Are you intrigued by how your Reno, NV backyard can become full of life? To discover the possibilities, continue reading below. 

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Being outdoors makes everything better. From the fresh air and luscious foliage to the shimmering blue of the pool, the experience excites the senses. To bring you the same stunning video and audio you have come to expect indoors takes specialized equipment; there is no reason you should settle for less when you are under the sun or stars. 

Our outdoor AV systems allow you to enjoy the big game, movies, and shows in almost any weather condition; the monitors are designed to withstand the heat, direct sun, and swings in temperature throughout the day and year. While standard 4K televisions are designed to work in relatively low light conditions of your rooms, outdoor units display crystal clear and detailed images in direct sun or dark of night. 


Music is the soundtrack of our lives, sets the mood for any activity, and motivates us during our daily routines. Sound travels differently outdoors, free of walls and ceilings that enhance a multiroom system. Without the proper setup and expert installation, audio can become lost; we furnish outdoor landscape speakers that generate crisp, punchy sound while avoiding the need for excessive volume. 

Like indoors, a backyard speaker system should accentuate your landscaping, blending seamlessly into the plants and structures. Music is best when heard, not seen, with deep bass lines you can feel and precise reproduction that does not distract from your view. 


The best part of outdoor entertaining is that we can enjoy the benefits year-round. Make the most of your property every season. Are you looking to bring your backyard to life, day or night? Connect with us by calling 775-853-4800 or filling out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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