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Builders Are Adding Home Automation Integration to New Builds

A living room with half-drawn shades and a TV displaying channel selections.

Integrating Smart Home Technology Can Set Your Home Apart From Others on the Market

Not long ago, voice-activated lighting and shades, remote access to home security, and total home control were left to our imagination. Today, more homeowners expect home automation integration and are pleasantly surprised when a home they fell in love with on Zillow ends up being a smart home. 

For builders and architects in Truckee, CA, integrating automation can set your homes apart from the others on the market. So let's explore a smart home from the eyes of a home buyer.

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Building a Smart Home

New construction is the ideal time to begin the design and implementation of integrated smart home automation. Structured wiring can be installed before wallboards are in place, eliminating costly tear-outs. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we design and install home automation systems unique to our client’s budgets, priorities, and lifestyles.

Working with architects and the design team, we can create systems that coordinate the connected devices, creating unrivaled comfort, convenience, and entertainment. We can also integrate popular smart technologies, such as motorized shades, automated lighting, and outdoor entertainment systems, all controlled from one user-friendly interface. 

Integrating these into the pre-build phase ensures all elements blend seamlessly with a home's design. 

Controlling a Smart Home

Smart homes can operate automatically or with one-touch control. Lighting can change throughout the day, mimicking the sun's light, while shades raise and lower and the temperature adjusts in every room. When the last family member leaves for the day, only the security lights remain on, while the AV equipment turns off and the doors lock.

We can also program scenes unique to each family member. For those who enjoy movie nights, one tap lowers the blackout shades, dims the lights, and turns on the AV. For others who enjoy outdoor dining, one touch illuminates the enchanting landscape and patio lights, ignites the grill, heats the spa, and turns on their favorite summer playlist.

Whether homeowners want to automate a single room, the outdoor area, or are building their forever luxury home, we can offer the smart home solution that turns their dreams into reality. As a builder or architect who works with Sierra Integrated Systems, you can transform beautiful new houses into remarkable, interactive luxury homes during construction or after move-in.

Many builders include a suite of smart features in almost every new home they build, integrated in such a way as to allow homeowners to further customize their smart home as their family and needs change. 

Working with Sierra Integrated Systems

Are you ready to enter the realm of smart home innovation? Today's technology offers customized, creative solutions unique to each home and situation. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we build partnerships with builders and architects who appreciate our commitment to detail, timely communications, and on-budget projects. To learn more about smart homes or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today. 

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