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How to Balance Technology and Design in a Home Media Room


Explore solutions for minimizing the visual impact of technology in your home

Today, many homeowners want the latest technology and smart solutions — like whole-home audio, a media room with a large screen and surround sound, and home automation — to use and enjoy in their homes. 

But AV systems have a less glamorous side as well — tangled wires, bulky equipment, and multiple remotes can become an eyesore in a beautifully designed home media room, living room, or home theater. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we believe design and technology go hand in hand. We offer hidden technology solutions that blend seamlessly into a home’s décor and conceal the visual footprint of AV systems. Learn our top recommendations for Crystal Bay, NV, homes!

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With hidden speakers, you can enjoy great audio throughout your house without seeing speakers and speaker wires everywhere you go. Instead, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers guarantee a discreet aesthetic for multi-room audio or surround sound in your media room or home theater. They’re installed entirely within the walls and ceiling, painted over to match the surrounding material, and take up next to no real estate in your living spaces. 

Sonance produces the industry’s leading series of hidden speakers. The Invisible Series is “designed to disappear” and delivers the ultimate high-fidelity sound while leaving no visual footprint. James Loudspeaker’s Small Aperture Series is another marvel in hidden technology. While not completely invisible, James’ Small Aperture speakers have only 3-inch visible openings and are designed to match the style and trim of surrounding light fixtures in the ceiling.


Flatscreen TVs have the largest visual impact in your home. But even your 75” and 85” screens can be concealed with the help of hidden technology solutions. Future Automation produces a comprehensive range of high-quality TV lifts, wall mounts, ceiling mounts and drops, floor/table mounts, motorized doors, and moving panels. With the press of a button, your TV could drop from the ceiling, rise from the floor, or appear smoothly from behind a wall panel. Another button press effortlessly takes your screen away when you’re done using it.

In addition, you can cleverly conceal flatscreens behind artwork, mirrors, and other wall décor for even more flair. 

System Components

Processors, streamers, receivers, matrixes, Blu-ray players, and more…..AV systems require multiple components beyond the speakers and screens. Luckily, hidden technology solutions exist to hide your system components neatly and securely. For example, you can commission custom-built AV cabinets or construct in-wall enclosures that remain concealed behind a wall panel. Additionally, an experienced integrator like Sierra Integrated Systems can help you design a remote AV closet that stores all of your gear without cluttering your entertaining spaces. 

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we’d love to give you a media room or theater that’s functional and beautiful. Give us a call, fill out an online form, or chat live with our team. We look forward to working with you!

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