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A Whole-Home Standby Generator Installation Ensures Peace of Mind

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Keep Your Home Operating Despite Planned Blackouts and Power Outages

As seasons are getting more unpredictable and aging utility infrastructures demonstrate issues with reliability, homeowners are looking for alternative energy sources. An emergency generator is one quick solution that helps keep your home running in the event of a power outage. 

These devices can keep critical systems running for days, whether the outage is due to a planned blackout or a storm. Let’s explore the options and why homeowners in Reno, NV, turn to Sierra Integrated Systems for their generator installation

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The Current Crisis

In September 2022, a historic heatwave pushed Nevada’s power grid to its limits. Record-breaking temperatures affected much of the state, including Reno, and NV Energy asked customers to keep their thermostats to 78 degrees. The company reported that, in some cases, the system was designed decades ago, and climate-driven extreme weather events push it beyond what was once expected. While that blistering season has come and gone, homeowners are advised to plan in advance as much as possible.

In preparation for the next heatwave, NV Energy is also implementing Public Safety Outage Management (PSOM) in Nevada's elevated and extreme fire-risk areas. This means they schedule blackouts, shutting off power in one or more zones when certain environmental conditions are met in an attempt to prevent power lines from causing a wildfire. One of their outage preparation tips is to have a backup power supply. 

The Benefits of a Generator

An emergency generator provides reliable power to your home appliances and other devices when you need it, providing anything from 6,000 to 40,000 watts. Some homeowners only want their necessities working during a blackout, while others want to keep their entertainment and other systems in their smart homes operating. Choosing the right generator can fulfill both of these needs.

Many of our clients choose a generator to ensure their HVAC system remains operable, the refrigerator and freezer stay connected, the internet remains up for work and school, the security system keeps running, and the lights stay on.

Choosing a Generator

At Sierra Integrated Systems, we are a team of low-voltage and electrical contractors, enabling us to offer our clients a broad spectrum of services using the latest technology. This includes generator installations and complete electrical wiring. The first step is an assessment, helping you pick the right generator for your unique needs.

Installing a Whole-Home Standby Generator

Small portable generators you use on camping trips or keep in your car don't require the assistance of an electrician. However, larger generators, such as the whole-home standby generators used to power multiple systems during a power outage, require an installation from a licensed professional electrician. 

If installed incorrectly, these systems can damage appliances and fail to work when needed the most. These generators also require knowledge and experience to connect them safely and effectively to your home’s electrical system and may include installing a circuit breaker and a sub-panel that distributes power.

We’ll also ensure your generator activates automatically during a power outage, so you won't have to worry if you’re not home when a blackout occurs. These generators kick on in seconds after you lose power.

Are you ready to feel safe and secure during a planned or unexpected power outage? To learn more about generator installations or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today.

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