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Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Task and Activity

Kitchen with a Crestron touchscreen on the island and beautiful warm pendant lights above it.

Incorporating Smart Technology in Your Lighting Design

It's easy to take the things we use every day for granted. We get used to the convenience they offer, like the light switches that we flip on in the morning and off when we retire. Miraculously, the lights in our homes respond, enabling us to see in the dark and perform our daily tasks. We no longer need to sit around the hearth for light or place oil lamps around our homes. We’ve come a long way.

Today, lighting offers much more than functional capabilities. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in smart lighting. What started in 1959, with the invention of the first solid-state light dimmer, eventually became Lutron—the world leader and the first choice in lighting for the most prestigious architects and lighting designers. A few of the many places you’ll find Lutron lighting include The White House, the Getty Museum, and the Grand Hotel in Florence and Rome. 

Let’s explore what Lutron and our lighting design team can do for your home in Incline Village, NV.

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The Beauty of Light

When you walk into a home at dusk, just as the light is sinking, you get a good glimpse of the importance the homeowners placed on their lighting design. When performed with passion and an eye for detail, the base layer or ambient lighting often comes from fixtures that are the room's focal point. The illumination from beautiful pendants, chandeliers, track recessed lights, running LED light strips, and lamps all come together to create a mood and transform a space.

Downlights gently wash the walls, while accent lights highlight fine art and your home’s best architectural features. Lamps placed by seating areas can create a welcoming space. The shadows in between the light form the captivating and mysterious intrigue that gives your room depth. 

LED Dynamic Lighting

While many design elements have remained relatively constant throughout the years, lights have changed dramatically. When Lutron acquired Ketra in 2018, dynamic full-spectrum lighting changed how we design with light. 

These light sources create high-quality white, saturated colors, and pastels—just about every color imaginable. Now, you can change the color and intensity of your lights to fit every mood and occasion. Once you have the perfect shades and intensities throughout your home, you can save the settings via preset scenes so that one-touch sets the stage for entertaining, dining, relaxing, working, and more.

Emulating Daylight

Ketra also offers natural lighting, a system that changes the color of your light throughout the day, synchronizing with the changing color of daylight. This translates to brighter lights during the day that enhance focused concentration and warm, soft amber lights in the evening that promote relaxation.

At Sierra Integrated Systems, our lighting and home automation experts create a beautiful space designed to transform for varying events and day-to-day activities. To learn more about smart lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today.

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