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3 Ways Ketra Can Enhance Your Lighting Design

Couple enjoying time on the couch with their dimmed Ketra lighting.

Enhance Your Home’s Beauty and Comfort with This Innovative Lighting Solution

Home lighting does more than make it easier to see in your home. The lighting throughout your living spaces impacts your mood, productivity, sleep schedule, and more. With the right lighting design, the illumination can add a new layer of luxury, making your home more comfortable and even enhancing the overall aesthetic. Lighting design is never something you should take for granted in your Reno-area home, so working with a professional like Sierra Integrated Systems is vital for the ultimate at-home living experience.

Ketra completely revolutionizes home lighting by giving homeowners increased control and the ability to personalize their lights with the simple tap of a button or a prescheduled lighting scene. With Ketra lighting, you’ll experience your home in an entirely new way and see how it impacts your daily routines. To discover three benefits of using Ketra in your home and understand why this product is a perfect addition to your Nevada home’s lighting design, keep reading below!

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1. Natural Light

Natural light is extremely important. Our internal circadian rhythms are tuned into the sun's movement, so naturally, we are more energetic when the sun is out and ready to rest when it’s dark. Aligning your schedule with this natural rhythm can increase productivity and lead to a more restful sleep.

Unfortunately, many of us spend our time indoors working under artificial bulbs of varying color temperatures and brightness levels. This leaves us feeling dull, unproductive, and worse - unable to sleep in the evenings when we need to! Ketra’s tunable lighting lets homeowners enjoy natural lighting benefits throughout the day and improves their overall well-being.

Ketra lighting can tune itself to the perfect color temperature and brightness, adjusting automatically throughout the day to mimic the sun. That means bright white lights in the late morning and early afternoon fade to a warm candle-like glow in the evening. Including this intuitive lighting in your home can help you feel more awake during the day and relaxed in the evening.

2. Every Color at Your Fingertips

Nothing sets the mood quite like lighting does. With Ketra, you can create any ambiance you want! It allows you to change your lights to any color on the color spectrum, which is perfect for parties and get-togethers with friends. For example, you can shift the colors of your dining room to a fall or winter holiday theme or use the colors of your favorite football team as you watch the big game in the media room. You can even create smart scenes that remember the settings for future gatherings.

3. Enhance Artwork and Furniture

Ketra has a “Vibrancy” feature that makes the colors in artwork and furniture much more crisp and stunning. You can tune the white light in your home to the exact setting that makes these colors in your home stand out, adding to your home's overall beauty and design motif. You’ll be amazed at how Ketra lighting is designed to transform your space effortlessly.

Your Lighting Partner

With the right lighting system, you’ll have more control over your lights, experience the benefits of natural light, and enhance your overall home design. If you’re ready to integrate innovative lighting design concepts and brands in your home, contact Sierra Integrated Systems today.

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