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Bring Home the Magic of Movies with a Custom Home Theater


Our Team Can Design the Perfect Private Theater Environment for You

There’s something magical about the movie theater experience. The vivid life-size picture, immersive soundscape, and dark environment take you away from reality and transport you into worlds on film. You connect with cultures and characters. You laugh and cry with them. You become part of the story.

The same experience awaits you at home with your own custom home theater. Bring home the magic of movies without the hassle of travel or crowds. Plus, your theater can reflect who you are and what you love. Featuring the best in audiovisuals, dynamic lighting, luxury seating, and room control, your private cinema can curate an experience that exceeds your local cineplex in Crystal Bay, NV.

Envision your dream home theater by exploring the key elements that create the perfect movie-watching environment below.

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The Picture

Embrace the big-screen feel of the cinema at home with a world-leading 4K HDR home theater projector that offers eye-popping color, contrast, brightness, and detail to bring your favorite films to life. Our team partners with Sony, a leader in premium home entertainment, to deliver cinematic 4K clarity to private theaters of any scale. Whether your space is fit for a screen size of 100 inches or 300 inches, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear, lifelike visuals as they were meant to be seen.

The Sound

From the dialogue to the sound effects to the score, everything you hear in a film intimately connects you to the narrative. Maximize that experience with an immersive surround sound system that moves sound behind, above, and beside you. The delicate crack of a twig to the overwhelming boom of an explosion will feel as though it’s coming from right inside your theater.

We work with high-performance audio brands like Wisdom Audio, an entertainment solutions company renowned for combining clarity, dynamics, and precision to achieve the ultimate in sound reproduction. Their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers mount flush with your surfaces and deliver a three-dimensional soundscape without taking up space or disturbing the aesthetics of your home theater.

The Seating

The seats you choose for your home theater are meant to keep you comfortable for hours of entertainment. Specialized theater seating is designed for long-lasting comfort while ensuring everyone has the best viewing experience possible. Enjoy motorized head and footrests, recliners and incliners, a wide range of leather and plush materials, and accessories like cup holders and retractable snack tables. No matter the style of seating you love, you’ll receive the support you need from head to toe.

The Lighting

Lighting adds character to your home theater while increasing safety for you and your guests. Get creative with tunable LED lights in coves, under furniture, along entryways, and behind your projection screen that change in color and intensity at your command. Create beautifully layered lighting with downlights and sconces, and dim or turn off lights at the touch of a button. Step and entryway lights will stay lit to provide a pathway for those who need to leave the room during a movie.

The Control

The magic of a private home theater truly comes to life through home automation. When all your components are integrated under one control system, using your complex theater system becomes easier than ever. Access lights, streaming platforms, media servers, volume, climate, and more from one intuitive touchscreen or universal remote. You can even create a movie scene that dims the lights, lowers the screen, powers on your equipment, sets the thermostat, and pulls up Netflix at the touch of a button. When you’re done, another button tap can power everything off for you.

Now that you’ve envisioned the possibilities of your dream home theater, let’s bring it to life. Work with the home theater experts at Sierra Integrated Systems to make it happen. Connect with us here or send us a chat below to schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear your vision!

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