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Ladies, you didn’t think we were going to forget about you did you? We helped the men out with our most recent blog “Valentines Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything”, but now it’s time to give you some pointers about the special man in your life. Valentines is just a few days away, and maybe you’re looking to step up your game with a gift that will “WOW” him. We’ve put together a list of 5 fresh manly gifts that will make his day!
1. Give him the gift of speed and reliability. Is your man business minded? Bringing work home and having to tackle projects, reports, and over seas Skype calls? Or maybe he’s a major tech lover using his iPhone, iPad, laptop and apple TV to stream videos, games, social media, monitor his health stats and more! There is nothing worse for a man like this than a faulty Wi-Fi connection. You most likely currently have some sort of consumer grade equipment in your home right now. They are extremely unreliable and can turn any great business deal into a nonexistent one if your Skype call goes out in the middle of it. So how about you have a new enterprise grade network installed. Access Networks sells enterprise grade, top of the line wireless equipment! You will never again have to worry about your connections cutting out. He will appreciate it, we promise!
2. Give him the gift of entertainment. Now this is a pretty large gift, but sometimes you need to GO BIG! Have you and your husband been together for years? Maybe you own your own home, and have over 30 Valentines Day’s together under your belt.  Don’t just get him a gift, give him a life long experience! What man doesn’t want an in house movie theater? This is the gift that keeps on giving, plus you can enjoy it to! Sit down with our team to design a custom look, colors, seats, fabrics, and more! You can choose for an array of screens, projectors, and sizes to give your husband the PERFECT entertainment experience. You will never again need to venture out on cold evenings, or busy afternoons. This could very well be his FAVORITE Valentines Gift.
3. Give him the gift of high performance sound. Is your boyfriend or husband a BIG music lover? Or perhaps he is even an “audiophile”? Powerful speakers and monitors need a strong signal fed to them in order to optimize their output! Both Integra and Anthem make wonderful high end components to elevate any listening experience. If he’s already got the sound system, hook him up with a brilliant A/V component to maximize his listening experience. If he doesn’t yet have the in house sound system, get him some fantastic in-ceiling speakers to take his music experience to the next level!
4. Give him the gift of the great outdoors. If you have an outdoor loving man, chances are he will be out on his patio grilling up some steaks, sipping on a beer, or entertaining his buddies every chance he gets! Don’t let his desire to watch the game keep him cooped up inside! SunBriteTV offers exceptional high-end outdoor T.Vs. You will completely change his lifestyle with one simple gift! He can now host sunny Super bowl parties or enjoy the next big fight all from the comfort of his patio!
5. Give him the gift of control. He will have maximum control with a Savant Systems control system. With the Savant control system you can integrate all your technology and have access to it from any touch panel, remote, or iPad in your home. Picture this, he is sitting in his office working hard on an upcoming presentation, the sun has gone down after a long day, he is able to touch a quick button on his iPad to lower the shades and turn up the lightening, he’s also able to turn on some black eyed peas to get his energy level back up! The opportunities are endless! Give your guy the gift that never stops giving!
Well there you have it! Some fabulous gifts to blow your man away this Valentines! Let us know how they go over…we think he will LOVE them!
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