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“Smart home, home automation, whole home control system,” these are all phrases that are becoming more and more popular. Many of you may think these things are of the future and something we are striving for, but the smart home is actually very common and very real today. We recently held a open house here in Reno to showcase the latest, and VERY possible home technology. There seemed to be a large interest in remote home monitoring and control as well as a genuine desire to understand this new techie world. We’ve put together a few facts to show you home control is possible and actually quite easy!

1. It IS possible to control your whole home through one system. You can choose between multiple different control systems and interfaces to adjust your lightening, shades, sound and more all through either a touch panel or iPad. With companies like Control4 and Savant life gets a lot easier!

2. You don’t need to go bankrupt installing a control system. People assume they need to drop tons of dollars into technology for their home. Whole home automation systems can be installed at different levels. You can go with a less expensive system and fewer devices. Systems are extremely scaleable, so you can go as small or as big as you want.

3. You CAN control your home from anywhere. “Did I leave the lights on?” “Did I forget to close the garage door?” “I should have put the shades down.” Gone are the days of forgetting and wondering. Certain control systems will allow you to control your devices from anywhere.

4. It will save you headaches NOT cause them. You may think installing a control system will only cause you more stress, money, and issues dealing with service calls and broken devices. With new monitoring technology, we are able to remotely monitor your system and be proactive about any problems that may arise. We will also fix any issues remotely if possible. Most of the time we should have the problem fixed before you even know it exists! So no headaches here!

5. You WILL be very involved in the process, NOT left out of it. Many people fear that they will be excluded from the setup process and end up with a robotic house they know nothing about, however, that is not the case at all. We will set you up with one of our project managers to go over everything you want and don’t want from start to finish. We will also train you on everything we install in your home, so you know exactly how to use it all.

See, home automation is not scary after all! It’s very reasonable and accessible. Call us today for more info!

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