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Choosing Motorized Shades for Large Windows

Photo of motorized shades in a bedroom letting in a relaxing low light.

Which Automated Window Treatments Will Work Best for Your Larger-than-Life Windows?

If you want to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your Reno, NV, home, large windows can be a game-changer. They allow abundant natural light to flood your space while providing stunning views of the outside world. 

However, managing your preferred light and privacy levels with such expansive windows can often be challenging. That's where motorized shades come in. Let's explore the top motorized blind options from some of our favorite brands, available for large windows, to help you make an informed decision!

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Lutron Serena Shades: These motorized shades are available in various fabric options and are designed to work seamlessly with Lutron's smart home systems, providing precise control over natural light, privacy, and energy efficiency. Lutron offers multiple sizes, including options suitable for large windows.

Lutron Sivoia QS: This shading system supports roller shades and drapery tracks. It offers quiet operation, precise positioning, and integration with Lutron's lighting and automation systems. Sivoia QS can be customized to fit large window applications.


Control4 Wireless Shade Solution: Control4 offers a wireless shade solution that integrates with their smart home automation system. These motorized shades are available in various styles, including roller and honeycomb. While Control4 doesn't have a specific line for large windows, we can easily customize them to fit different sizes.

Control4 Smart Home OS Integration: Control4 integrates with third-party shade manufacturers so that you can choose from options suitable for large windows. By connecting your chosen shades to the Control4 system, you can control and automate them alongside other devices in your home.


Crestron Horizontal Sheer Blinds: These shades feature horizontal fabric vanes that you can adjust to control privacy and light levels. Crestron offers various fabric options and sizes to accommodate large windows.

Crestron Roller Shades: Crestron provides roller shades with motorized mechanisms that work with your home automation system. These shades are available in many variants, allowing you to select the light and privacy you desire.

Find Your Shades with Sierra Integrated Systems

It's worth noting that all three of these brands offer extensive customization options, including fabric choices, colors, and control methods. They also provide compatibility with their respective smart home ecosystems, enabling seamless integration and control through mobile apps, touch panels, voice assistants, and automation schedules. 


Working with Sierra Integrated Systems will ensure you get the most from your installation. When considering shades for large windows, it's advisable to consult with a professional installer or dealer who can assess your specific requirements and provide tailored recommendations. We're waiting to work with you, so contact us today!


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