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The Right Lighting Can Affect Your Sleep and Health for the Better

Ten hours. On average, that’s how long we spend looking at screens every day. This means for 10 hours a day we expose our eyes to blue light. Not only are you getting artificial blue light from your screens, but you also get blue light from energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights in your home or building that are used in lamps and light fixtures. Studies have shown that lighting in your home can affect your mood, energy, metabolism and your sleep.

Your circadian rhythm is your body’s natural way of telling you when you’re tired or awake. Typically, circadian rhythms are on a 24-hour cycle. For people who are night owls, it’s even longer.

Circadian rhythms and your body are altered by our environment. Before artificial light, our circadian rhythms were solely influenced by the sun. Since the integration of LEDs and artificial lights in the home, researchers have found that blue light can disturb your natural rhythm twice as much as dimmer green light.

LEDs are not the enemy, and they have come a long way since their start. LEDs afford us energy efficiency while having a long lifespan. However, artificial lights can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime when it isn’t and keep you awake.

Over time, lack of sleep can lead to many illnesses such as obesity, depression and even heart disease. Therefore, it’s important to limit your exposure to blue light before bed.

Blue light can also be used in your favor, as it is essential to staying awake during the day. Smart lighting integration can help you feel more awake during the day with colors that mimic the sun. Likewise, other colors make your body more prepared for sleep at night. Choosing the right lighting can go a long way in your energy levels and overall wellness. 

Lighting control systems, like those that Sierra Integrated Systems installs, are used to create functional and aesthetic lighting scenes, such as “good morning” and “entertain.” These scenes can play a significant role in maintaining your body’s circadian rhythm. The lighting control system lets you control lighting scenes throughout your home from a central keypad or touch panel, which can be set to automatically to adjust based on time of day.

Incorporating the right lighting in your home can help you keep a steady, natural circadian rhythm, and help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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