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James Loudspeaker: Bridging High-End Audio With Style


Imbue Your Home With Luxury Audio Through Their Hidden Speakers 

Many clients are weary of integrating comprehensive sound systems because they worry AV clutter will ruin their carefully curated decor. That's why we partner with James Loudspeaker for hidden speakers that deliver high-performance sound while seamlessly blending with the surrounding decor or landscape. 

Established in 1999, James Loudspeaker has carved a niche in the high-end audio industry. Tailored specifically for the unique challenges associated with luxury homes, their speakers are customized to any size, shape, or color. Their speaker models include in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers and outdoor solutions built to withstand the harshest elements. 

When we demo these for our clients in Carson City and the surrounding area, they're an instant hit. Below are just some of the products we showcased in a recent demo that had our clients ready to purchase on the spot. 

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Sleek and Stylish Interior Solutions 

We like demoing the James Loudspeaker SA63-7 3" High-Output Small Aperture Speakers for indoor applications. These speakers are one of the best architectural models on the market. They have wide coverage, deep bass, and precise volume control while retaining their compact shape and a small aperture that is barely visible. Our clients can't believe the sound quality of this petite three-inch model when flush-mounted to the wall or ceiling. Boasting a full range, 3-way design including a mini built-in subwoofer, there's no sacrificing quality or power for aesthetics. 

For our demo, we paired the SA63-7 speakers with a Sonance DSP 8-130 amplifier. Since Sonance acquired James Loudspeaker in 2019, all its amplifiers have been designed to work perfectly with these premium speakers. These amplifiers are small but pack a powerful punch in multi-room audio applications, delivering 130 watts across up to eight channels. 

Robust and Refined Outdoor Solutions 

Clients are particularly concerned about outdoor speakers, believing they have to be bigger and clunkier to survive the elements. However, weather resistance comes not from size but rather from the types of materials used and the overall design of the speaker cabinet. Our demos showcase All-Terrain Speakers and Subterranean Subwoofers from James Loudspeaker.

The AT Series is perfect for landscape audio systems. The speakers are weatherproof thanks to an aluminum enclosure with a heavy powder coating. The outer sleeve is available in custom color finishes to help them best camouflage with your foliage or outdoor furniture. As with the architectural models, quality is still front and center, with these speakers featuring top-notch acoustics and a broad frequency response.

We showcase our landscape audio solutions in two different setups. One features six 3" speakers paired with one Subterranean Subwoofer for added bass. In cases where clients want high audio output with fewer speakers, we recommend four 6.5" models paired with a subwoofer. All outdoor systems are powered by a Sonance's DSP 2-750 amplifier, which includes the 70 volts of output power needed to pierce ambient sound. The amplifier can deliver up to 500 watts per channel. 

The magic of James Loudspeaker must be heard to be believed! Call or fill out our contact form to schedule a demo and experience these world-class hidden speakers firsthand.

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