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Is Your Home Wi-Fi Ready for Back to School?


Make Sure Everything and Everyone Stays Connected with Whole Home Wi-Fi

What is "whole-home Wi-Fi?" Did we decide to coin yet another term? Yes and no. Whole-home Wi-Fi simply means Wi-Fi that keeps you connected no matter where you roam with your devices at home. Most people’s networks are supposed to cover their entire house, but in reality, the wireless signal tends to be strong in some rooms – or even only parts of rooms – and spottier in others.

What's the downside? With today's ever-increasing connectivity needs, weak wireless signals can mean devices that won't work correctly and slow performance for work and school tasks. Those fun devices like Amazon Echo speakers, connected kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and more compete for wireless bandwidth with more serious endeavors like working and learning from home.

Keep reading below to see how to get your Incline Village, NV home ready for school, work, and everything else in your connected life this fall.

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Strong Wi-Fi Everywhere

While we recommend wired connections whenever possible, many devices don't have ethernet connections anymore, or it may be impractical to run cable to the location of where you want that smart TV. Strong, stable, fast Wi-Fi connections are a must. You may return to the office this fall, but you may also still be working from home part of the week and depending on collaboration platforms like Zoom that require high bandwidth.

Schools have also adopted new models with the pandemic, and even as kids return to school, online work will be more prevalent. You need strong wireless connections throughout the house – even outside – so you don't miss a beat anywhere.

Most routers, no matter how good, can’t cover a large amount of square footage well. Your home’s construction and layout can significantly affect the stability and speed of your connection. One solution to that problem is to install wireless access points (WAPs) at different points in your home. These WAPs are connected via standard ethernet cabling back to your router and give you a strong, speedy connection in hard-to-reach areas, including outdoors.

Our team at Sierra Integrated Systems goes a step further, using commercial-quality equipment like Ruckus Unleashed WAPs. These units let your devices roam without switching networks and have advanced features for user access, guest networks separate from your main one, and traffic management to ensure your devices get the priority bandwidth they need.

A Custom Solution

Unlike consumer equipment or the typical integrated modem/router solutions from internet service providers (ISP), our team offers home networking installation customized to your needs. We analyze the layout of your home, your devices, the potential additions you will make with computers, entertainment, and smart automation that will require additional capacity, and more to recommend the right solution for you.

In addition, we can add solutions that allow for remote monitoring, updating, and rebooting of critical network equipment to ensure that your connectivity stays up and running whenever and wherever you need it.

Ensure that your home has the right foundation for today’s connectivity demands. Sierra Integrated Systems can design and install the commercial-grade network your home requires for today’s and tomorrow’s connectivity needs. Contact us here or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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