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Create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.

Your Outdoor Great Room

How do you expand the square footage of your home without actual construction?
…through the transformation of your backyard! The latest trend in home entertainment is the Outdoor Great Room!

Weather Proof Visuals

outdoor music systemThe new Sunbrite TV’s represent the ultimate in outdoor television. These TVs are completely weather proof. Yes, rain can pour down on the set and has no effect. The Pixels are about twice as bright as regular TV sets, so you get a good picture even in bright sunlight.

As outdoor entertaining has become more popular than ever, there are even ways to do an outdoor home theater system! Let Sierra Integrated Systems experts help you create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution for your home and family.

Outdoor video

Controlling It All

Once you have great sound outdoors, how do you control it? That’s where home automation comes in. We have several control system platforms to meet every budget.

Imagine sitting outside with your friends, listening to music from the good old days. One of them asks if you can play something more recent, so you hand him your iPad or iPhone and say “here you go DJ, lets rock!”

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