SIS Team Photo

Life Style enhanced through Technology

Our highly qualified team strives for complete client satisfaction by working closely with clients, contractors, architects and designers. It is our goal to exceed client expectations.


Our Project Managers exceed expectations from simple upgrades to ground-up construction of multi-million dollar homes.

We integrate with iPhone/iPad operating systems, and offer a full suite of 3D technologies, audiophile 2 channel systems and many more.

In-House Programing

SIS designers and programmers specialize in fields ranging from acoustical engineering to custom user interfaces. Our goal is to provide you with the best in technology solutions whatever your budget.


Our engineering team constantly evaluates new technology to find the most reliable, highest performing equipment.
As a result, SIS offers you proven solutions for a variety of budgets. In addition, our engineering team evaluates product integration, or how these components work together. This ensures not only the performance of each component, but also your entire system’s performance.

Project Management

In addition to our dedicated programmers and engineers, every project, regardless of size, is assigned a Project Manager. The PM’s job is to ensure that your project runs smoothly. The PM coordinates all the participants involved on a project, whether it is a simple flat screen installation or new ground-up construction that requires interaction with many other craftsmen. Your PM will cover it all allowing you to continue on with your life, while giving you ONE point of contact.